Monday, April 7, 2008

Different than the normal week......

"Well, me and Elder Villanueva are getting along just fine. We are working hard. This last week our (teaching) numbers kind of suffered, because Monday we had P-day and went and played futbol (soccer) with a different zone, that was great. Then we worked three days,(Tues. Wed. Thurs.) and on Friday we had our interviews with President Perez, which I absolutely loved. I learned so much, and I love that man. He is a Bishop Fisher, except in Spanish. After that, we had a special party with pizza, and watched a movie, and played futbol with the office missionaries. This was because our zone had met all of our goals, and it was great."

President Fisher (left)
Presidente Perez (right)

"Saturday and Sunday was conference, and it wasn't in our church. It was in the Stake house, which is like 20 minutes out of our zone, so it was tough to get people to attend, and for us to work with them, but I can say.... this was the first time in my life I have felt the spirit so strong. At the end of Saturday, I was spiritually drained, another first in my life. I couldn't think what it was... I was like "We haven't worked at all today, but yet this is the most tired I have been". I couldn't put my finger on it, but man... I love our prophets, and yes, a part of my Patriarchal Blessing was fulfilled this past weekend. Listen to the prophet's voice, I promise you will learn. I love you all, and all is worries."

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