Monday, April 14, 2008

Dan Jones Group

"Well you can officially call the missionaries in the Independencia Zone the "Dan Jones" group. Elder Toolson, our zone leader, (ex) assistant to the Presidente, has started a new thing. We have tons of Books of Mormon in our bags when we know we're going to ride a bus, and then we have "little card things" that tell a little about the book, and we get on the bus and preach. It's amazing. Probably 40 to 50 people at a time are looking at you, while people are getting off and getting on the bus, and you're pretty much yelling, with nothing to show but the Book of Mormon and your testimony about it. We explain a little about it, and hand out those cards to everyone, then at the end, whoever wants the book - we give it to them. Just another way to spread the word and plant the seed - 50 people at a time. I love it. I will continue to do it throughout my life. I love this mission. I love all of you, and thank you for all your help."

So - how many of you are wondering - Just WHO is Dan Jones? Well I had to look it up myself....Tune in tomorrow for more info :)

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