Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lost - then found !

"While working in the Proceres area , we found the Familia Perez. Dad, Mom, and 3 kids.. ages, 19, 13, and 7. It's awesome. They have a date for baptism for the 19th of April. The 19 year old wants to be a missionary, and the dad will probably be a future leader, so I'm really stoked. The other missionaries were having troubles finding them, but we worked on it, and we did! Good news - In our interviews, Presidente Perez told us that there will be missionaries (specifically assigned) in that area (Proceres), and that is good."

"I am happy, but also he mentioned that I will probably not be here (in Villa Sol/Proceres). He mentioned that I will be companero meyor en la selva. (Senior Companion in the Jungle) I am praying tons right now, and I feel inadequate, but if this is so, I will be praying even more. But that's how the Lord works, and we will see what happens. I don't know, I am kinda ready to leave Villa Sol, and see what else Peru has to offer. We will see what happens. Crazy, only one more email, and then the next you will know where I'm going, or if I'm staying, crazy huh? I love it."

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