Monday, April 28, 2008

¡Ame la selva!

I have so much information about the selva (jungle) from Landon, that I don't know where to start.

"Hey Mom.. Well I can't really explain it… It will take all 6 weeks to explain little by little the jungle.. Every week I'll tell something new… I'll take lots of pics, don’t worry.. "

"Hey Dad..Man I wish you were here.. You would love it. Not the hot of course, but the people and just everything else… The people are so nice… like you don’t even know them (the people we meet in the street) and they're like, "Oh ya, come in my house and sit down" and "Here, drink this, and let's talk", and we have known each other for about 2 minutes. It's great.."

"Hey Gma… Ya the jungle is awesome… The people are amazing… and it's just wonderful… It's not like really jungle jungle. We have a phone in our room , and we (use the) internet from a normal place in town. It has all the things Lima has, just in the jungle pretty much."

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