Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting together with FRIENDS !!

Elder Rich:
"Hey, so first off, (on P-day) we went to Ventanilla to play (futbol) with that zone at 8 in the morning. It's Elder Peterson's zone. It was fun."

Elder Peterson:
"Actually, today we had P-day with Elder Rich and his zone. I really want to be best friends with him. He is so tight and always when I see him, he makes me happy."

Elder Herdt:
"We had a Multizona this week, which was awesome. I got to see my best friends, Elders Rich, Peterson, Kay, and Mills. Elder Woolf couldn't be with us cuz he's in the jungle right now. I love having our Multizonas. It's so awesome every time I see the guys from my group. I feel so re-energized to get out and work again. We really have like a brotherhood with the guys from my group. I know we'll all be great friends after the mission."

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José Gabriel said...

siempre las multizonas son para estar vagando jejejeje!