Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picking up an accent :)

In every country where the people speak Spanish, every one speaks differently. With a different accent.

In America for example, a New Yorker, or someone from the South, are speaking English, but with an accent which is completely different.

It’s the same here in Latin-America. Some accents are stronger than others and many times you will see missionaries come home from their missions speaking with that same accent.

Well the Peruvian accent isn’t strong at all, that’s to say for me, I speak English with my normal accent, at least that’s what I think. What did you think in the phone calls?? (We thought the same thing – there appeared to be NO accent at all when he was speaking English)

The Uruguay accent is stronger than the Peruvian. It turns out that without me knowing, just by listening and speaking so much with President and his family, EVERYONE says “Hey, you don’t speak like a Gringo now, you speak like President”

At first I didn’t notice, but now that I’m paying attention I notice it big time, haha, and it’s strong!! It even comes out in my English!

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