Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September - Uno Mas

Our goal was for 400 baptisms here in the Mission North this past month of August, which is a good feat. We hit 404 in the month of May, and we're planning on going with it in September and October also.

Our motto for September is ´´ one more´´ or ´´uno mas´´. It's to say we should do even more than we did in August, and be even more obedient and even more diligent.

The Mission North is the best mission in Peru and the world. Many people may say that their mission was ´´the best in the world´´, but they never were a ´´norteño´´ The reputation lives and always will.

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Curt said...

It's true, Lima Peru North mission is the best in the world!

Elder Curt Lytle
Peru Lima North mission - 1985 to 1987