Monday, September 28, 2009

Email Treats

One of the great blessings of being a missionary mom, is meeting other parents either in person or online. It's always exciting to get emails mentioning "our" Elder.

From Elder Hudson, in an email to his family: "The new AP, Elder Rich my old ZL, complimented me on how much I have improved my Spanish at the interviews, so that is good."

From Elder Peterson, in an email to his family: "Yesterday Elder Rich called me and told me that this morning we were going to the CCM to be part of a capacitacion. It was sweet. Me and Elder Rich were the missionaries representing the Mission Norte. It really was an experience." (Capacitacion = Qualification)

From Hermana Compton's father: "Nearly two weeks ago my #2 daughter and I went to Lima to pick up our missionary daughter as she finished her mission. Of course, when we went to the mission office I made a point of meeting Elder Rich. He seemed as good in person as I had imagined him from the website. He seems healthy and happy."

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