Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally - they get to meet !

Last October, we were contacted by Preston Wheiler of Maple Valley, Washington. He had been called to Peru Lima North Mission, and had stumbled upon Elder Rich's blog. He left the following message:

"Sis. Rich,

I was just called to the Peru Lima North Mission. I report to the MTC in January, and am very nervous, thus I have been frantically searching the web for as much information about the mission as I can find. Most the stuff I found just made me nervous (I've traveled a lot but never to anywhere like Peru). I read things like about how poor it was and how different their food was and about the risk of disease. But when I found this blog, detailing your son's mission, it gave me a lot of hope. The mission looks great! (although the food will still be difficult for me, haha).

I am excited to keep searching your blog for more information, hope to hear from you, and am excited to meet Landon in the mission field and say "Hey, I've read your blog!"."

This past month, when Landon traveled to Tarapoto, they finally had the chance to meet. His mom sent this picture. Another tender mercy. This mission has been such a blessing.

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