Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Words of Advice from Elder Boyd K. Packer

With his 85 years of experience, he was asked what advice would he give a young man if he had just a minute or two to counsel the youth.

President Packer was quick with his answer: "I would tell him to stay in harmony with the great plan of redemption, to live the gospel, to gain a testimony — not just an impression but a certain testimony — that the gospel is true and Jesus is the Christ, that the Atonement is a great healer. Spiritual development is really an individual effort. If you're conscious about that, you can ever be learning.

"I would tell him to keep a sense of humor. It's critically important. If you get wound up tight, you can't see the comical side of things. Like many other things, a sense of humor has to be cultivated.

"I would tell that young man to get the best education he could get — which does not always equate to the best schooling — to be always learning, to have a curiosity about him.

"I would tell him to develop a little courage. It would be sad to be afraid all the time. The doctrines of the gospel are powerful and sustaining principles so that you can live with assurance and without fear even in times of serious challenges.

"I would tell the young man, 'Don't be afraid of the future. Don't be afraid to marry, for instance. You can't have everything certain before you take that step. You take that step and everything works out.' "

He said that he would encourage the young man to move forward. "I've never been a very good veteran in looking back at things of the past. I've learned that you don't go back in life. You don't go back to the old town or the old way of life. The magic is gone, and you just move ahead." - Elder Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles

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