Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This week was great !!!

"This week was great!!! Elder Vasquez and I finished with 2 baptisms, Melisa Tamani Huanuyri and Licie Lisbeth Leon Lopez. As a Zone we finished with 13 baptisms, and so far that makes 28 for the month.

We have a marriage coming up, with 14 couples getting married, and then the next day a massive baptismo with 18 people!! 6 families!!! Elder Vasquez and I have been working with two of the families - The family Macedo and Tiquilahuanca.

I'm doing great with health. I'm great in attitude, and I couldn't be better. All is good here and we're working hard.

I'm so happy to hear about all the things happening there in Utah. The snow melting, Keysto and Kaley getting married, wow, I'm so happy for them.

Well, there isn't any new news, I'm just working and going 110 percent, just like my dad has always taught me."

*I have put a link (marriage) to Elder Layton's blog. He speaks of his Zone Leaders, and their help with getting the marriages in place. I know the Lord helps those who ask for His help, and then work hard on their end to make things happen.

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