Friday, March 13, 2009

Everywhere you turn - Missionaries !!

Exciting news I'd like to share. Sister Evelyn Cachay received her mission call to Columbia, Bogota South. We are SO happy for her. She will be a wonderful missionary, and wonderful example to her family.

Two Elder's from Morgan, Utah have been called to Columbia, Barranquilla. President Porter's son, Nathan, and Jansen Bennett. This is the same mission that Mamita Teresa and Welinton Vera Cruz's son Jimmy was called to last October! I'm sure they will meet up.

My good friend's daughter, Sister Jenni Lake entered the MTC yesterday. She's going to France, Toulouse mission. I am so happy for everyone in their family. What an example she is setting.

Last but not least, I've been asked by the Morgan Utah Stake Primary to put together a slideshow of all of the current missionaries serving from our stake, for "Envision Your Mission", a presentation for 11 year old boys. It will be so much fun, and so rewarding. I can hardly wait to get working on it.

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