Friday, March 6, 2009

Angels in disguise?

"Yea, and the voice of the Lord, by the mouth of angels, doth declare it, that they may have glad tidings of great joy; yea, and he doth sound these glad tidings among all his people, yea, even to them that are scattered abroad upon the face of the earth; wherefore they have come unto us." Alma 13:22

*It seems when you have a missionary, there are SO MANY scriptures that you can relate to :)

This picture was taken just a day or two before Elder Rich left for Pucallpa. These are young people from the Independencia Ward, they are Jacky Landa, Leyla Robles, Elder Rich, Elder Foutz, Elder Sandoval and Frank Robles - Thanks to Evelyn for information on who is who :)

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Anonymous said...

Of course¡¡¡¡ (right to left)Jacky Landa,Leyla Robles,Elder Rich, Elder Foutz, Elder Sandoval and Frank Robles,but what about me?? :( hahaha