Monday, October 19, 2009

A Missionary 's Story.........

Now these were their journeyings; Having taken leave of their father (and mother)....they departed out of the land.....and they took their (missionary supplies)..... to go up to the land of (Peru).

And it came to pass that they......fasted much and prayed much that the Lord would grant unto them a portion of his Spirit to go with them, and abide with them, that they might be an instrument in the hands of God to bring if it were possible, their the knowledge of the truth.....

And it came to pass that the Lord did visit them with his Spirit, and said unto them; Be comforted, and they were comforted. And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth.....and establish my word; yet ye shall be forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

And it came to pass that the hearts of (these) sons....took courage to go declare.....the word of God. And it came to pass when they had arrived in the borders of the land......they separated themselves and departed one from another, trusting in the Lord that they should meet again at the close of their harvest; for they supposed that great was the work which they had undertaken.

*Parts taken from Alma,Chapter 17, Verses 6-13

2 years later..............

(They) did rejoice exceedingly to see (each other).....and they were....brethren in the Lord; yea, and they had waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth; for they were men of a sound understanding and they had searched the scriptures diligently, that they might know the word of God.

But this is not all; they had given themselves to much prayer, and fasting; therefore they had the spirit of prophecy, and the spirit of revelation, and when they taught, they taught with the power and authority of God. And they had been teaching the word of God for the space of (two years).....having had much success in bringing many to the knowledge of the truth; yea, by the power of their words.

*Parts taken from Alma,Chapter 17, Verses 2-4

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