Monday, October 12, 2009

The Lost Black Sheep

"He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart"
Isaiah 40:11

"I don’t know if I have mentioned him before, but we found a man named Carlos about two months ago. He is 29 years old. His brothers and sisters are members of the church, but he is separated from them. He is the lost black sheep."

"When we found him in the street he was a drug addict. He lived in the back of a truck and worked in the morning so he could eat lunch, worked in the afternoon so he could eat dinner, and he went hungry for breakfast."

"We taught him the gospel, little by little. We pounded it in his head, haha. He already had heard it a million times, he knows over 100 missionaries, but it wasn’t his time. Since the time we found him, he has changed. He now lives in a hotel where he doesn’t have to go out into the street to see his ´´friends´´ where he will be tempted to go back to his old ways. He has made things right with his partner, Angela. Last night we had a GREAT lesson with them. We talked about families, we talked about the Law of Chastity, and we loved them."

"How sweet is the gospel of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice that can make any man or women clean from ANY error or sin. At the end of the lesson, holding hands, they said, “Well it’s the best for both of us.” Before, they fought and yelled and hated. Now they love and respect one another."

"Carlos had a “strong” character and a horrible attitude with Angela, but after President Monson spoke about Anger in the Priesthood Session, which Carlos attended, he has completely changed his attitude and his way of being. I love this gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ and his Prophet here upon this earth."

"I will not be here to see the progress of Carlos and Angela. I will not be able to see their baptism, but I know the Lord will bless them!! I love them and will miss them!!!"

**We got a "shout out" on this great blog - Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord. Pretty awesome !

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