Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leaving Peru.........

Hermana Alcantara sent this picture via Facebook early this morning. It was taken at the airport in Lima.

Our North American missionaries have been on a plane since 12:30 am this morning from Lima to Atlanta. After a 2 hour layover, the Utah missionaries are expected in SLC at 12:30 pm MST. If they happen upon a good tail wind, they could be a little early. We invite any and all to join with us at the airport, or later this evening at our home. As you can imagine, we are looking forward to seeing Landon once again. We are so proud of him, and the mission he has served. It has indeed, been the BEST TWO far :)

Check back on this blog for pics of the reunion, updates as far as work and college, and also our trip BACK to Peru, which is tentatively planned for December of this year. Thanks to ALL of you, for joining us in this journey.

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