Sunday, April 19, 2009

You are or have been a Latter-day Saint Missionary if:

You've ever worn a name tag without your first name on it.

You've ever said to someone, "This is my companion."

You dropped out of college, stayed unemployed for two years, lost your favorite girl, and called it the best time of your life.

You think that Elder doesn't necessarily mean older.

You easily recognize three common human ailments: blind minds, hard hearts, and stiff necks.

You lived with a roommate for a whole month--or more--who you never called by their first name.

The investigator asking you probing personal questions isn't a police detective.

You put ketchup on nearly everything you cook.

You enjoy telling people why they are here and where they are going.

Your greatest hero in the scriptures was a man named Ammon.

About every eight weeks or so you get a new roommate who you don't get to choose.

Your most coveted present all year was a new tie.

You're 20 years old and it's been months since you went to bed after 11:00 p.m.

You introduce yourself to people every day without telling them your first name.

You get one half day per week all to yourself and you spend most of that time doing your laundry.

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