Tuesday, April 28, 2009

News from Pucallpa

This past week Amparo Leon Lopez was baptized. She will be confirmed the next week. We finished the month of April with 23 confirmations, and we have 38 baptism dates for the month of May, so we're looking good. By the way, we have a goal of 505 baptisms as a mission, and 100 as a zone!!! We're going to make it!!!

This week has flown by, just like the rest. Our interviews with Presidente Perez and the Assistants will be on Wednesday, and then a week later are the changes (May 6th) and I will be flying to Lima for the Consejo.

This week also, we will be doing work visits. That is where either I or my companion goes on splits with another companionship for a whole day in their area. We teach there, sleep there, and eat there for 24 hours. We get to know and learn about their area and they ours. It is a good learning and growing experience for everyone.

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