Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pucallpa Zone

"The zone here in Pucallpa is going good, we're really young and there are little things to correct every once in awhile, but over all we're good. The things we're doing as a zone to have success, is being obedient and working. That is our goal."

Elders of the Pucallpa Zone (7 companionships/14 elders)
These names are in no particular order, not matched up as far as companionships, except Elder Rich and Elder Figueroa

New to Pucallpa - Figueroa, J. Mamani, Elison, Choc, Merrill, Clarke, Cuellar

Already in Pucallpa - Rich, Quintana, Moriera, Morton, Garnica, Rojas, Aguilar

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