Saturday, January 24, 2009

We have a winner !

Family, Friends, and assorted Blurkers (Blog Lurkers), we have had OVER 20,000 "views" on Elder Rich's blog, and decided to offer up a little "give away" of sorts, to encourage a comment or two or three or more.....we got "7" to be exact. Hmmmm, we must have more "lurkers" than "commentators" out there, but that's okay :)

The winner, picked through a randomizer, was.....................drum roll..................
Aunt Erika Bettinson !! Your "prize" will be sent to you soon !

Thanks to Elder Layton's dad, Aunt Joni, Elder Peterson's mom, Taelyn from the 6th ward, Vanessa S. (from Peru), Elder Westensee's mom, and everyone else for checking in on Landon, we appreciate it.


Don Layton said...

Okay, a comment. I just got back in from out of town and decided to check to see if you had hit the 20,000 mark. Guess what? Yep, I'm the lucky winner. When do I get my cruise tickets? (GRIN)

GDR said...

Don - you ARE #20,000 congrats ! I had hoped we would have SEVERAL comments. So far today, we have had 14 more viewers, but alas, no commentators :(

Come on people - let's hear from you :0

Don - I thought you'd want PLANE tickets to Peru !?!?!


Don Layton said...

Plane tickets, cruise tickets, I may even settle for llama tickets for 2 if it means getting to Peru. But President Perez will probably prefer if I don't go for about another 17 months or so.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I will try for the prize, especially since you are giving away a great trip, ha ha. I might not write to Landon often but I check his blog almost every day. Gwen you do a great job on them. Talk to you later, Joni

Anonymous said...

I am trying for the trip to Peru... I'm already on a trip when I'm with you. Thanks for the fun time today. I always look forward in spending time with you. Thanks for making my mission experience bareable.... I cried all day today. hahaha... JK.
Love you.

Bettinson Bunch said...

Woo-hoo! I actually won? I never win anything! Thanks for being a great sister, Gwen!! Thanks for being an awesome nephew Landon!! Have a Happy Sunday!