Monday, January 26, 2009

Familia Alcántara - Friends of the Missionaries

What a wonderful family ! You can just tell that they love the missionaries.

Missionaries pictured here - Left to right along the back:
Elder Vargas, Elger Ticona, Elder Montellanos, Elder Gubler, Elder Herdt, Elder Seaman, Elder Hirschi, Elder Sanchez, Elder Anderson, Elder Rich
Missionaries kneeling: Elder Roldán and Elder Roldán (yes, that's right)

Thanks to Jazmin Alcántara for the pics and video - you're the best :) and to former missionary, Elder Shandon Gubler (recently returned home) who helped to fill in the names of the missionaries I didn't know.

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Fatima Meza Alarcon said...

Jazmin Alacantara!!

es un gran chica y buena amiga!

su familia tambien es muy buena..!! que gustaso que los alla conocido..!!

Exitos elder!