Monday, November 24, 2008

Till we meet again...........

Tuesday night, it was pretty sad to see Elder Larkin and Elder Schaertl leave to go home. I had become pretty good friends with them. Elder Ticona and I took them to the airport and didn’t get back to the offices till 1 am.

Elder Larkin and I were talking, and I told him a few of my goals after the mission.
1. Learn how to play the piano.
2. Learn another language, and then Elder Larkin pulled out his guitar, and I added,
3. Learn how to play the guitar.

Elder Hirschi and Elder Ticona and my companion (Elder Vargas) all know how to play it, and also Elder Larkin.

Elder Larkin said, “How am I going to take this home?? I can’t send it. I can’t put it under the plane, and I don’t want to carry it on. I don’t know what I will do”.

About 15 minutes later he was like, “Elder Rich, when is your birthday? Here, I give you my guitar, Happy Birthday, haha”. So I am in the process of learning from Elder Hirschi, how to play the guitar. I never thought I would have my own personal guitar. That’s cool.

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