Friday, November 28, 2008

Emails? Comments? Sign the Guestbook? Anyone?

I'm sure the best Christmas present ANY missionary could receive, would be a note from friends and family.
Take some time today, and add a comment to this post, or the guestbook on the sidebar, or you can email me at, and I'll pass your kind words along to Elder Rich. Thanks !!

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Mark and Janene said...

Hey Elder Rich!! Merry Christmas from the Walkers. I've been reading your blog today... and loving every bit of it!! What a great mission. You are so blessed. I love your comments and your challenges. I especially love your comment about our time here on earth and how we had better make our choices count because it really is such a short time. That is so true!
The photos of you in the office bring back memories... we were there. And the photo of you on a hill in Indendencia with the city familiar. That is Peru...and you gotta love it.
I'm so grateful to know you and your family. You are truly a blessing in our lives. May you love, love, love this Christmas season. You are where you should be, right now - on the Lord's errand. And you and your family will surely be blessed.
Way to Go!!! (I thought I would be so glad to have both my boys home from missions, but honestly, I truly miss having a missionary out in the field. It was such a joy and brought immeasurable blessings.
Everyone is doing well. Camille & Tyler live in Indiana and are expecting baby #2. Landon and Timorie are in Phoenix going to Mortuary school. Shawn is living at home, going to Weber and very seriously dating a girl he knew from Dixie before his mission. Shersti is a senior and is preparing to try out for college cheer, first choice: BYU. Mark is ornery as ever -haha- and I am sweet and kind as ever!!

Love you!! The Church is True, love, Janene