Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ouch !!

So about a month ago we were playing soccer, and I jammed my big toe, hard on the soccer ball. A little blood spot showed up underneath the nail.

Well today, (Saturday the 15th) I stepped on it wrong (as we were playing early morning soccer again), and it popped, and man did it hurt... I took my sock off, and there was blood under my whole nail, and it feels so weird - like it's going to come off, and now it hurts really bad, haha... We will see how I hold up :) My feet are getting pretty beat up out here. Really, I don't think my feet will ever be the same.... but oh well, it's a long way from my heart....

Actually what I need is socks, like 3 or 4 pairs if you could. It will be good to get those new shoes also, my feet are starting to take a beating. (His old pair purchased from Missionary Mall have a hole, so we sent him FREE replacement shoes) It shows that I have walked everyday for the past year and a month. I will have to get pedicure when I get home, haha… I will have Leisa Wilson do it, haha, my feet are pretty bad.

PS - ONLY in the mission would you catch me waking up at 6am to play soccer, haha. Never again outside of the mission would I do that!

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