Sunday, November 9, 2008

Food Food, Wonderful Food

One day last week, we had a great lunch that I loved!!! We had beans with turkey and rice, it was GOOD. For a few minutes I was looking at my food and thinking, “Man, I hope there is this kind of food when I get home”. I love the food down here. I guess that’s why I’m getting fat.

I think I might spend a lot of money on that Peruvian restaurant when I get home. I was thinking back when mom and I went to that place, and nothing looked good on the menu. I had never eaten food like that before, and I couldn’t read Spanish to see exactly what it was. Imagine when I get home, being able to talk to the owners about Peru, and just chillin’ and gabbin’ and eating ALL sorts of food and INCA COLA. It’s going to be sweet!

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Bettinson Bunch said...

I want to go to the Peruvian restaurant with Landon when he gets home.