Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Missionary Work

I'm very excited for this new change. We're going to work really hard and I know we will have a good July. My birthday is coming up pretty fast, how weird is that? It doesn’t seem like it, haha. It will just come and go. I don’t have much time to write right now, because we have to do a ``informe``. I don’t know the word in English, sorry.

**Informe means "report" in English

Juan Carlos Tacuri Villacorta and Daniela Flores Vargas were baptized last night. Carlos is 22 years old and Daniela is 10. Carlos will be a great missionary and I'm very grateful for him and his learning. This week we have worked hard and we had good numbers, even being in Lima for 2 days.

I'm very grateful for the prophets and apostles that we have today. I'm in the process of reading the General Conference talks and I love them. I feel the spirit so strong and I'm becoming more receptive to the spirit, like when Carlos was bearing his testimony last night, it was so strong and I loved it.

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