Thursday, June 11, 2009

The "Bicycle"

I was sick the other day. One of our investigators invited us to some lunch, and well, they live out in the boonies so the water they gave us wasn't treated or boiled, so needless to say I got sick!!! I had a bad stomach for two days and it was bad. I almost couldn't leave the bathroom, haha. They have a slang down here for diarrhea. They call it the "bicycle". Someone asked me if I was sick with the "bicycle", and I said it's more like the "motorcycle", haha. It was pretty bad, but now I'm better. The Lord blessed me and I'm better in 2 days, but I think I lost even more weight.

Ok, so a funny story. We were walking and I was sick right? So I didn't feel very good but we still worked, and well I didn't see a curb and I ate it hard, haha. I tripped and fell with full force and well, at least I caught myself somewhat, but the worst is that it was at an intersection!

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