Monday, March 31, 2008

Rough Week

Ok, to start off, wow.... this week has been rough and just all over the place. So Tuesday (March 25) at 5pm, I started in a trio with my ex -companion, Elder Ramos, and his new son (newby companion) from Cusco. We were sleeping in his area, which is kind of far from mine. I slept on a mattress, haha - that's it, but I'm used to it. It's just like, pack your stuff you need for 4 days, and move. It was tough.

My area struggled this week, because we didn't work in it a lot. My new comp, Elder Villanueva, came from Tarapoto (the jungle) on Friday and we spent all day at the hospital because he is sick with gastritis.

We did get to work on Saturday and Sunday, and we're getting into things pretty good. Elder Villaneuva is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and has been out about 11 months. Only he and one brother and tio (uncle) are members. His parents aren't members, but they support him.

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