Friday, March 21, 2008

Laugh of the week

I'll usually start my letters to Landon, by saying "Hi Hon" - as in honey..... This time I thought I'd try it in Spanish, so I said, "Hola Anamorada" - guess I didn't get it quite right.....

"Mom, hahahahaha, you called me your boy friend, or something like that. Spanish is like that. One word has about 5 meanings, and if you don’t put the word in a sentence, it doesn’t specify which meaning, haha, but no worries."

"Funny story, so I’m learning how to speak “Quechua”. It’s what the Inka’s spoke. It’s really hard. Way, Way, hard, but sweet. So I’m learning, and ya, I said a bad word and I didn’t even know it. Well, not a bad word, but I asked, “How is your butt?”, but like in detail. The word “butt”, was a word (that was) a little more strong. Haha, it was funny. It wasn’t the first, and won’t be the last. I love it."

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