Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gracias Vanessa Salazar!

A member of Landon's ward in Villa Sol made a comment in Landon's guestbook (see sidebar). She has apparently viewed our family blog too, because we have a dot in Peru ! If any of you can read Spanish, you can probably make out what she had to say, but not me..........I had to ask Jamo Rees (recently returned from Argentina) to translate for me. He said that she commented on Landon's cute "sobrinitos" (neice and nephews), and also said that Landon would be staying in Villa Sol for another 6 weeks ! If this is true, he will be very happy. He likes the area.

The picture above is Vanessa's mom, with Elder Ramos and Elder Rich. They did a service project of painting at her home. Check out more pictures, here.

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