Monday, May 25, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

"Well I will tell you what, this past weekend was great!!! We had our interviews with President Perez on Friday, and they went great!! All the zone is doing so well."

"On Saturday and Sunday we had the great time to be with Elder Steven E. Snow of the Presidency of the Seventy and his wife. They are from Saint George, Utah, and now live in Salt Lake City. I had the great privilege to be with Sister Snow for a long time because I was her translator. It was amazing. Let's just say it's the most English I have ever spoken in all my time in the mission. She is a great lady and loves the people, but sadly she doesn't speak one word of Spanish. It was really really neat. An experience I will never forget."

"President and Sister Perez were there also for the conferences, so it made it even better. (Note from mom: Elder Rich never mentioned if these were Stake or Ward conferences) I'm very grateful for the church and for the general authorities. I love them and I can't believe the spirit that was in some of these meetings, it was amazing!!!"

"We were able to take a few pics with Elder Snow, and I will be sending them soon. We didn't get to talk to him much, because he was always so busy running around and speaking in meetings."

"His wife is an angel. It's the first time in all my mission that I have been able to sit down and talk with someone that knows where I'm from and knows Utah very well. Sister Snow knows Morgan (our hometown), she and her husband have driven up there, and they know Levi Woolsey who served in their mission in California (California San Fernando Mission) in 94-97. It was great."

**Elder Snow spoke in the 2009 Sunday Morning Session of General conference - Read his talk here. He spoke about changes that happen in our lives, and apparently he spoke of some of the same things at this conference in Pucallpa. Elder Rich had this to say....

"The young single adult session of our conference really had me thinking about home, haha.... They talked alot about what returned missionaries should do, and it was all in English and translated into Spanish, so that made it even harder!!! Hearing English was way tough, haha. It was way trunky, haha."

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