Monday, May 18, 2009

Baptisms, Hot Weather, and Love

This week has been good. We had 2 baptisms. I baptized Marianella Diaz Dominguez and my companion baptized Robert Montes. Marianella is a young girl, 18 years old, who is from Trujillo Peru, but is living with her aunt here in Pucallpa. Robert is a young man 20 years old, the church is going to help him and his testimony will grow stronger and stronger.

The weather here is really good, it's warm and I sweat all the time, but I'm loving it. The love I have for the people here is amazing. I was on a work visit with Elder Elison, and he pointed that out. I hadn't really thought anything about it, but it is true. He asked me how I got that attribute, and I thought about it and well, I think I have always had it. God has given me that gift from the get go. I'm very thankful for it, and will use it always.


Scott said...

We have heard about the sweltering heat of Pucallpa. Our mission (Peru Lima East) goes up to Tingo Maria, near the jungle, and on the road to Pucallpa, but obviously doesn't make it into the jungle of Pucallpa. In our travels to Junín and Huánuco, we see big trucks carrying cement on their way to Pucallpa, and the same big trucks coming back from Pucallpa with loads of wood.

Did Elder Rich fly to Pucallpa or did he ride through our mission (East Lima to Chosica to La Oroya to Huáncuco and on to Pucallpa) to get there?

GDR said...

The Elders fly in and out of Pucallpa when there are changes, and also, with Landon being a zone leader, he flies in every 6 weeks for consejo de lidres. The last plane ride back was pretty scary he said. His heart in his stomach, and then in his throat. I love your blog. Such wonderful pics. Thanks for commenting and thanks for sharing on your blog.

Sister Gwen Rich