Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear........ excerpts from letters to family and friends

"I have yet again a new friend. E' Austin Clarke from Kansas. He lives 30 minutes away from where D-Ross went to school. He is a great missionary. He is a mix between Mitch Clark (Biggness), and Mike Rose (Craziness)."

"Just talkin' on the phone for Mother's Day, I could finally tell that I'm a true Mormon Missionary - a little weird ;)"

"Thanks for your example you always were to me, and being my best friend. We will have even better times raising our families and serving in the church."

"I pray that you are all going to church and not forgetting "who" is making you happy and giving you all the blessings you have. Pray! Read! Go to Church! Three important things to always do ! I love you all !"

"I have grown more on this mission learning how to be a tool in the Lord's hands, than I ever could have dreamed. I have seen miracles, literally, the Book of Mormon changes lives, and the Lord Jesus Christ lives and spends every moment protecting his missionaries."

"Thank you for looking after my family while I have been gone. I only have 5 months left, and I will be working hard to finish them strong. I hope the ward is going good, and I want you to know that you can count on me when I get home. I'm ready to work and serve. I wouldn't even mind having a calling my first Sunday back - that's how it should be :)"

"I can't even start this letter without tears coming to my eyes. Thank you for all you have done for me. You looked after me, put up with me, and always helped me. The kids are growing from what I hear, and well, life is going. I didn't' think it would go by so fast ! I pray for you very often. I'm so proud of your sons, but I'm not surprised, because they have 2 great parents who guide them."

"I'm proud of you - You are making good decisions in your life. There are only two major ones left. Can you guess what they are??? 1. Go on a mission 2. Choose a wife - The two hardest, haha."

"I'm proud of you for your choices. You're a great person who will bless the lives of many people. Trust in the Lord in all your doings and he will bless you !!"

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Scott said...

I can tell that Elder Rich is correct--you truly are a wonderful mother. Wonderful wanting the best for your missionary son. Wonderful for wanting to set the example of dedication to your family. Wonderful for wanting to learn as much as possible about Peru where your son is serving.

This is a nice blog.

Best wishes,
Elder Scott Zimmerman
Peru Lima East Mission