Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What to expect..........

"I will be flying out to Pucallpa on Thursday evening after Zone Leader meetings. Pucallpa is located in the Ucayali Region. We will have a pension again, and eat with members. I think I’m going to start losing weight big time, because it’s hot, my area is big, and I've been spoiled in the offices, with having fast food close and handy.

Elder Layton and Elder Hyde will both be in my zone. I’m very excited for that. My companion, Elder Vasquez and I, are over 12 missionaries with 7 areas. We have to make sure they are working, safe, being obedient, and at the same time, help the stake of Pucallpa be stronger and also work our own area.

Elder Vasquez has 3 months more than I do, so we’re about even in time served in the mission. I will probably be in Pucallpa for at least 3 changes if not 4, then after that I will probably come back to Lima to die*."

*To die on your mission, means to finish the last change in your mission

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