Monday, February 16, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

Elder Rich is too busy to answer questions, and you know what? That's okay :) He's working hard, being obedient, and loving it. That's all that matters.

"Well hello everyone… Well first off….. I love being a leader. It makes me work even harder, be even more obedient.

I will tell you right now, the emails will be pretty slim. As zone leaders we hardly have anytime for ourselves, it’s all for our zone and ALL the investigators of ALL the missionaries.

I will apologize right now, for not being able to write details and answer all of your questions.

Elder Vasquez and I are over all of the Zone Pucallpa. I love it. We will go back to Lima every 6 weeks to have the (Zone) Council. I’m really excited for that.

The work is going good, we have 13 baptisms as of right now in February as a zone. The goal for March is 35. We have to work hard hard hard. I’m glad to hear all is well there at home.

Hey Mom and Dad, I love you, thanks so much for everything, and well, I know it’s short, but just know I am taking a lot of pics, and writing alot in my journal. I love you. I will explain alot more in my letters that I send home. Take care - Wish all well."

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