Sunday, February 8, 2009

My week in review......

After this coming Wednesday (2/11) - the office crew will be the Elders in this picture - minus Elder Rich.

"Well this week has been a little rough for the field part. Monday (02/02) we got out into the field and hit it hard, but then from there out we haven’t been able to leave the offices. I have been training Elder Foutz, and we have had A LOT of work to get done and also my comp, Elder Sandoval, had a lot of work to get done.

Walter kinda fell through this past week. He hasn’t been around to go to church, to be taught, and well, he has lost interest. I’m sad, but we all have our agency and there are other people out there waiting to hear this message.

I have been really tired this past week, being cooped up really takes it out of ya. Elder Foutz is learning really well, he already knows all I know and he isn’t even on his own yet. He will do a great job. Today we went to the Museo de la Nacion again and looked around. It’s free to get in, so it’s only the taxi ride that costs money.

Today and tomorrow will be my last days to preach and teach here in Independencia. I’m sad, I will miss a lot of people. Luckily I have a talk tomorrow at church, so I will be able to say goodbye to everyone together, because there is literally too many to go house to house. I can tell you where everyone lives and their names, haha... It’s like my home ward - I love it."


Don Layton said...

Well - we don't know if Elder Layton is getting transferred or not, but if he stays put, they will be in the same zone together in Pucallpa.

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