Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy and Anxious.....

I would say the overall "feeling" of Landon's latest email was HAPPY, with a little (lot?) anticipation for getting "out in the field". He, along with other elder's thought their first EARTHQUAKE (Dec 6), was sweet, exciting, cool, etc....... Landon mentioned that he and Elder Woolf had been able to get out in the city again last Saturday, to teach the people. "It was amazing. These people are so ready to hear it, and they just need to be invited." We will not hear from Landon again, until next Wednesday (Dec. 19) when he will be transferred out of the CCM. Lawson Bullock (from Morgan) will be coming home the same day. It is possible that they will get to see each other at the Peru Lima North Mission Home.

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