Friday, December 7, 2007

Culture shock

Landon has written home in detail about going out into the Lima South area about 2 weeks ago. He said, "This is the most humbling thing that has ever happened to me". He tries to describe the homes built on the mountains, the dirt roads, the lack of doors, windows, roofs, dirt/mud floors. The dogs, the garbage, the smell.....

He just can't seem to find the adjectives. He said that as they were teaching in a small home, sitting on 5-gallon buckets, that a hen and four chicks ran around their feet. A surreal experience for sure.

He loves the people, who are always so happy. A truly eye-opening experience for one who like most "Americanos" hasn't ever wanted for anything. How could you NOT be humbled. He has said, "Don't pray for me, please pray for the people of Peru".

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