Monday, February 4, 2008

More info from Elder Rich

Ok to get started... I am in the Independencia Mission Zone, but it's actually in the Los Olivos "district" within the Lima Province. It is in the same area as the Peru Lima North Mission home. And my companion isn't Vargas anymore, it's Elder Ramos from El Salvador. It's great. He has been out 10 months, so he is in the thick of things and works hard. No English though...

The first night and next day in this new area was tough. I didn't like it. I didn't like the area, and I couldn't understand anything because my companion speaks Spanish a bit differently. But that got over quick, and we went right to work, and ya... I love this area now and the Spanish is better than ever. I am understanding a ton. I hear and can recognize the words, even though I don't know what they mean, I can tell what words they are, ya know?

We have two wards, Villa Sol and Proceres. They are really good. The leadership is outstanding, and it's more like a city area. Villa Sol reminds me of Arizona, the part Manda used to live in, except not as nice of course, but this area is really nice compared to my other one. Like I'm in heaven - haha.

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