Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Elder Ramos

Elder Ramos is from El Salvador, and was baptized at age 10. He has been out in the mission field for 10 months, and is a really hard worker. Elder Ramos has a good temperament, and Landon has never seen him mad. His past companions have tested him, and he has learned patience. Elder Ramos has the spirit and is very kind. He comes from a rough background. He and Landon get along really well. He is really good about teaching the gospel in a simple way, and that helps Landon ALOT with the Spanish. That, and the fact that Elder Ramos doesn't speak a lick of English:) Both Landon and Elder Ramos are "new" to the area, neither having any idea of what to expect. Don't they look happy in this picture? I just love their smiles.

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